FirstSystem is an innovation agency specializing in the development of Digital Experience Platforms

We design and develop websites that deliver outstanding user experiences. Every new website we design is unique, promising to capture your brand personality and offering. All our websites are technically optimised and responsive across the latest devices, with custom functionality if required. We can manage the whole process from design to development and testing. Alternatively, if you already have the designs, we can complete the CMS integration for you

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FirstSystem work with the Magento, Merchello, WooCommerce and Shopify e-commerce platforms, as well as providing bespoke and scalable e-commerce technologies to fulfil your specific requirements. Our e-commerce solutions integrate seamlessly with your website and CMS, allowing you to manage content and product information from one place.

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While we focus on your development needs, we’ll help you develop a mobile strategy that will take your business idea from conceptualization to a well-loved app on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Among all the other mobile application development companies, what sets us apart is the end-to-end solution to create a unique mobile experience across multiple platforms, devices and OS versions, with continued support and maintenance to respond to your short-term and long-term needs.

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At FirstSsytem, we are committed to matching you with the ideal Content Management System (CMS) for your web and content requirements. We work with several CMS platforms including Umbraco, a brilliant solution for most businesses, WordPress, suitable for start-ups, and the analytically rich, large-scale CMS that is Sitecore. We build on top of your chosen CMS to provide you with the exact functionality you require. 

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Web Development Process

To streamline the web development process, we break the project down into several manageable stages:

The Research & Design Phrase

We want to make sure that your website meets its business objectives and has a commercial impact. Therefore, every website design project starts with a research phase where our aim is to build a thorough understanding of your business; your brand, your product or service, and find out exactly you’re looking to achieve.

Our designers will begin by completing a set of wireframes for bespoke pages to agree on a page structure, UI and functionality. These can be used to map out user flows.

Development Phrase

Once the designs are completed and signed off by you, your website will be built in HTML and CSS. At this point, you will get a feel for how your website responds on various devices. Following this, our back-end developers will connect your website with your chosen Content Management System, develop any custom functionality, and integrate your website with new or pre-existing systems, if required.

Testing & Launch Phrase

All websites undergo rigorous testing at different stages of the process including browser, QA and functional testing to help us spot and fix any issues. Your website will also be deployed to a UAT environment for you to test. There will be a phase for you to upload your content to the CMS so that you’re all set and ready for the big launch.


Search Engine Optimization

Imagine a day where you never have to pay for people coming to your website. They simply find your website while searching for your product or service online. Wouldn’t that be amazing? That’s exactly what SEO does!

Google Ads

What if there was a machine where…For each time you put in $1, it would spit out $2? How much money would you put in the machine? That’s what Google Ads could potentially do for your business if used correctly.

Online Reputation Management

Customers are skeptical these days. Before committing to a purchase, customers are likely to perform a Google search for your brand online. If negative search results appear for your brand, we’re here to help you fix them.

Social Media Marketing

With more than 4.6 million people being on Social Media just alone in Singapore, the best place to capture people’s attention is Social Media. If you’re still not crafting social media marketing campaigns, you’re massively losing out to your competitors.

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