Project Description

Brand Identity

Firstshop primary goal is to create a trusted source to buy fashion clothes, they hope to achieve its aim of being at the forefront of meeting the trust, ever-growing sophistication & demands of all the shoppers in Singapore. Therefore, we’ve designed the website to align with their brand & it will be a website that would serve their brand for the years to come.

Visual A

Visual B

Conceptual Design Samples

System Design

We’ve crafted a very targeted website experience for the specific customers Firstshop wants to attract. We’ve put ourselves in the shoes of the customers throughout the process of designing & navigating the website, we want them to feel as if they’ve just walked into the store to select the fashion wear that they desire.

Wordpress 99%
Graphic Design 99%
Database 99%
MySQL 98%

Planning and Analysis

Numerous meetings was held to understand the company background and vision. After gathering the requirements from the manager, We decided to use the software life cycle model to implement the whole project. Planning and analysis of design and functionality was done at this stage. Base on the preference of the user, we decided to go with WordPress as the Content Management System. 

Design & Implementation

Our back-end developers will connect the website with chosen Content Management System which is WordPress in this case, develop any custom functionality, and integrate the website with Woo-commerce. We add in all the fashion wear as products in the woo-commerce admin panel. The payment gateway was setup to use paypal as most Singaporeans will have a paypal account.

Testing & Maintenance

The website went through rigorously testing to ensure that the core functionality of the plugin works. We recommended various maintenance strategies to the owner, this will ensure the website is bugs free and load at great speed.

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Objectives Met

We’ve designed the website to showcase the collections with a clean layout & ensured that the information are crystal-clear. Our objectives to help FirstShop reach out to potential customers who wants to buy a fashion wear is completed.

Excellent Results

We launched the website and executed the next stage which is the Search Engine Optimization. The website received huge traffic in the first month of launch equivalent to 50,000 visitors. We did an analytic research on the website and gather information of the traffic. The result was the traffic is what the owner wanted as intended.