Project Description

Company Introduction

First Invest is a mocked up design We created for the finance industry. This design template is very suitable for client running an investment or insurance agency.

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Planning & Analysis

We meet up with an insurance agency partner to understand about the business; the brand, the product or service, and find out exactly what is needed in this industry and the objective to own a financial website.

Design & Develop

Adopting a mobile-first approach to design, and by utilising our findings from the research phase, We come out with the prototype website. The website is developed in core PHP and MYSQL.

Integration & Testing

FirstInvest website undergo rigorous testing at different stages of the process including browser, QA and functional testing to help us spot and fix any issues. Membership functionality is essential.

Delivery & Maintenance

After testing, We delivered the project and live it on a dedicate server. We live the project for a few weeks to gather user feedback’s. We further improved the system to cater to the banks.

Our websites are responsive to all devices

And It Should Be …

Simply Beautiful

User’s Feedback

We’ve crafted a very targeted website experience for the specific customers that FirstInvest wants to attract. The smooth transitions in the page layout creates a flow & steers users’ attention toward key information, no matter what device he/she is navigating on.

Excellent Results

We’ve designed the website to be visually appealing & with detailed yet concise information architecture.