Project Description

Company Introduction

First Click Pte Ltd is our parent company consists of an experienced and talented team of passionate consultants who live and breathe search engine.They have developed search strategies for leading brands to small and medium sized businesses across many industries in Singapore.

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Planning & Analysis

The website was done by own developers who is also part of First Click Pte Ltd. We planned the website according to the requirements laid down by the founder.

Design & Develop

Adopting a mobile-first approach to design, and by utilizing our findings from the research phase, We came out with the prototype.

Integration & Testing

FirstClick website undergo rigorous testing at different stages of the process including browser, QA and functional testing to help us spot and fix any issues.

Delivery & Maintenance

After testing, We delivered the project and live it on a dedicate server. We applied various SEO strategies and FirstClick emerged first on google search engine.

Our websites are responsive to all devices

And It Should Be …

Simply Beautiful

Customers Feedback

During the launch month, We implemented user survey at the website to check the response of the public when visiting the website. 90% of them reported that the user interface is very friendly and the page load is very fast. We also integrated google analytics in the homepage to check the background of the visitors and see where they come from.

Excellent Results

In the first month of launch, FirstClick received huge flow of traffic to the website. It has hit close to 100,000 visitors in the first month. The website is designed with SEO in mind, the page is ranked on first page in fast as 30 days. In respect to SEO, We also applied a few powerful strategies to help First Click achieved record revenue in the first month.