Project Description

Company Introduction

First Cafe is a mocked up design we developed for owners in this industry that want to bring their cafe profile online.

Visual A

Visual B

Conceptual Design Samples

System Design

After much research and planning, We’ve designed the website to be visually appealing & with detailed yet concise information architecture. We’ve crafted a very targeted website experience for the specific customers that First Cafe wants to attract. The smooth transitions in the page layout creates a flow & steers users’ attention toward key information, no matter what device he/she is navigating on.

Wordpress 99%
Graphic Design 99%
Database 99%
MySQL 98%

Planning and Analysis

Numerous meetings was held with cafe owners to gather information about the requirements. We decided to use the software life cycle model to implement the whole project. Planning and analysis of design and functionality was done at this stage. Base on the preference of the user, we decided to go with WordPress as the Content Management System.

Design & Implementation

Our back-end developers will connect the website with chosen Content Management System which is WordPress in this case, develop any custom functionality, and integrate the website. Depend on the requirements of the user in this case the user requested for us to download stock photos to put into the CMS. We also designed the company logo and also completed the copy writing.

Testing & Maintenance

The website went through rigorously testing to ensure it’s responsive in all devices. We recommended various maintenance strategies to the owner, this will ensure the website is bugs free and load at great speed.

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We’ve designed a user-friendly website for First Cafe with good user-experience for any cafe owner that want to deploy for their customers.

Mobile-Friendly Experience

Having a mobile-friendly website allows a smartphone user who visits First Cafe website, be able to view a miniaturized version of the desktop website with the same smooth user-experience. Having good user-experience will also allow the user to search for the cake & drinks that they want accurately & efficiently.