Are you wondering how to drive traffic to your online store?

Finding ways to encourage consumers to purchase from you, as opposed to well-established retailers, can be challenging, even when you have exactly what customers need when they need it.

In fact, according to State of Inbound, generating traffic and leads is the leading challenge facing companies today.

Drive Traffic - State of Inbound Stats

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In this article, we’ve compiled a list of top-notch ways to increase eCommerce traffic so you can build upon your current success and start competing with the big guys.

1. Invest in Google AdWords

One of the fastest ways to drive traffic to your eCommerce site is to pay for it. Luckily, even those on a limited budget can afford to pay for some advertising using Google AdWords.

Drive Traffic - Google AdWords Example

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click advertising method designed to draw more people to your eCommerce site. This means that you only have to pay for your ad when someone clicks on it, views your video, or calls your business.

There are several ways to take advantage of this advertising strategy:

  • Show your eCommerce shop’s ads in Google search results
  • Display text or banner ads in Gmail, on websites, or in apps
  • Showcase video ads on YouTube and target your audience based on their interests or demographics data including age and location.
  • Promote your online store’s app across Android and iOS devices

It’s imperative to properly track the performance of your ad campaigns and optimize them to boost your ROI. In some cases, Google Analytics fails to identify your campaigns, making them less effective. For proper ads tracking, you can add UTM parameters to your landing page URL.

Lastly, set your pay-per-click budget before going live so you never go over your allotted budget.

2. Premium Content

Publishing consistent, valuable, and all-around enjoyable content drives tons of traffic to your eCommerce site. Unfortunately, though 92% of content marketers believe blog content is an asset to the success of their business, only half of them have an established method for producing content on their websites.

Your eCommerce shop is not all about selling products and services. In fact, most consumers are looking for more than just a retail shop to purchase from.

That’s why starting a WordPress blog is a great way to give your customers more of what they want. Plus, great content gives customers a reason to come back to your shop more than once.

Consider publishing product reviews, tutorials, news pieces, and other informative articles that will encourage people to visit your site. In addition, make sure your content is engaging. People love to find content that is worth something to them, especially when it relates to their purchase decisions.

Take it from the 84% of millennials that reported user generated content has at least some influence on what they ultimately purchase.

3. Leverage SEO

If you are going to add content creation into your overall marketing plan to increase eCommerce traffic, it’s important you understand the role SEO plays in helping drive traffic to your site.

SEO is a marketing tactic used to help your eCommerce site “get found” in search engine results by people interested in what you have to offer.

When it comes to SEO, there is a lot to take in all at once. However, focusing on the basics will get you started in the right direction.

Take a look:

  • Add keywords related to your eCommerce shop in your blog content
  • Include external links in your content pointing to relevant experts in your industry
  • Create a web of internal links so Google indexes your entire site
  • Create a sitemap and submit it to major search engines
  • Include keyword descriptions on all product images
  • Write detailed meta descriptions
  • Optimize your website to perform at top speeds
  • Build links pointing to your content from high-quality sites

Taking the time to do even a few of these SEO tricks will help your content rank higher in search engine results and drive traffic to your online store.

4. Start a Referral Program

Starting a referral program is an easy way to utilize existing customers and drive traffic to your eCommerce site. For instance, Evernote offers users the chance to invite friends to sign up in exchange for free premium services.

Drive Traffic - Referral Program Example

Incentivize your current customers and blog followers to share their favorite products with their friends and family via email and social media. In return give them discounts or free shipping on future purchases, free gifts, or even credit to use on their next shopping spree with you.

5. Submit Guest Blogs

While creating killer content on your eCommerce site is necessary for engaging loyal customers and attracting new people to click on your site, do not underestimate the power guest posting has on your site traffic either.

Take for instance, SitePoint. Dedicated to inspiring, informing, and engaging the web community, SitePoint encourages experts in their field to submit guest posts.

Drive Traffic - Guest Blogging Example

If your guest post is published, you typically receive a link leading people back to your website. In addition, you may even be allowed to include one or two backlinks within your content that once clicked, drive those interested back to your online shop.

Although this is a time-consuming method for driving traffic to your online store, it helps establish you as an authority in your industry, spreads the word about your online shop, and exposes your brand to an audience base you may have never reached before.

6. Email Marketing

It should come as no surprise that building an engaging email list is one of the most effective methods for driving traffic to your online shop.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as an online shop owner is to focus so much on attracting new customers that you forget about everyone else.

You can launch email campaigns to target new customers that have never purchased from you before, existing customers that have purchased from you in the past, and even lost customers that abandoned their cart sometime during the purchase process.

Using OptinMonster, you can create a personalized marketing campaign addressing the needs of individual users. For example, you can encourage new visitors to sign up for your list, target existing customers with personalized promotional campaigns, and even target abandoned customers to complete their transaction.

Drive Traffic - Email Marketing Example

For example, Scott Wyden uses OptinMonster’s exclusive Exit-Intent® technology to convince someone about to leave his website to go ahead and make a purchase using the provided 10% discount.

If you are able to convince a customer that is intending to leave your site to finalize a purchase, chances are higher they will leave a good review on your site, share their favorite products on their social media, or even participate in your referral program, all of which help bring additional people to your eCommerce shop.

7. Video Content + Social Media

Video consumption is on the rise and social media platforms are well aware of it. So much so, that this year Facebook is lifting the ban on pre-roll ads on video content posted to Facebook feeds.

And, while this may not sit well with the average Facebook user, the truth is, Facebook is definitely on to something.

Here are some startling facts about the power of Facebook that may have you ready to start your video advertising now:

  • Online video ads are expected to account for more than 80% of all internet traffic by 2020
  • More than 67% of United States marketers run Facebook video ads
  • Facebook is the number one social media channel for video content
  • Video content on Facebook receives 135% more engagement than images
  • 4x as many consumers claim they would rather watch a video about a product than read about it

And this is just Facebook.

Keep in mind that YouTube and Twitter are chasing Facebook when it comes raising brand awareness, connecting with potential customer bases, and driving traffic to your online store.

We hope these proven methods help you drive more traffic to your online store and ultimately increase your sales.